The neutral colors are perfect for everyone. We see them season after season. And we love each of them!
In general, neutral colors include black, white, gray and different shades of brown.

Nowadays, a color can be called neutral depending on the efficiency and versatility it offers when combining with other colors. Basically, the range of neutral colors combined with all colors and combinations of colors, as well as prints. And they can create a lot of emotion. The key is to use them intelligently.

Neutral colors are essential and are the basis of any wardrobe. You want to know why?

Neutral colors are essential and are the basis of any wardrobe for many reasons, but below we show you the main advantages of wearing them in your outfits every day:

  • They are trend-proof colors (and perfect for any occasion).
  • Flexible and versatile. The neutral colors are combined with each other very well and meet the most risky tones. They always serve us as a wild card.
  • They save you time and are a safe value. You will find it much easier to create various combinations of outfits with neutral colors.


What are the neutral colors this season?

Each season, the Pantone Color Institute team creates the Pantone Fashion Color Report Color Trends Report. And all the catwalks show their proposals based on them. They are a key indicator of the color stories that we can see in all areas of design,
The Pantone Moda Color Trends Report is your easy-to-access guide to the most important color trends of the season.

If we talk about the spring / summer neutrals of 2019, this season the selection includes:

color soja de temporada, para The Corner AdejePANTONE 13-0919 Soy

A broken white color, natural, which is positioned as a reliable and versatile basic.

color azul intenso, de temporada, para The Corner AdejePANTONE 19-3810 Eclipse

It is a deep blue that reminds the night; the eclipse, as well as intense, is once serious and mysterious.


color neutro de temporada, amarillo claro, como muestra para The Corner AdejePANTONE 11-0106 Sweet Corn

As the color of sweet corn, this tone has a soft attitude.


colores neutros como este marrón, para la primavera verano 2019 de The Corner AdejePANTONE 19-0805 Brown Granite

For those who bet on the colors of the earth, the brown granite is simple, authentic and contemporary.

If you have already read our previous article Fashion Color Report for the new seasons you can start to combine and have fun this spring and summer 2019.

So from today (and throughout the season) you can find all of them in the different proposals and collections of our stores. Visit The Corner Adeje and live a remarkable Shopping & Leisure experience, together with us.