How to choose the best swimwear trend this 2019? (for her)

How to choose the best swimwear trend this 2019? Bikini or swimsuit? The eternal dilemma. Thousands of times we have asked which of the two favors us more.

The bikini is always more youthful and gets a more complete tan, but the swimsuit is easier and more elegant. The decision finally has to with our silhouette that conditions when choosing one or the other. The good? We can have both! And alternate them as we wish.

The swimwear trend key is to find the right style according to our figure.



Many times we have asked ourselves what we feel better, the bikini or the swimsuit? On the catwalks there are no agreements or collections full of both garments. So, today we want to help you with this choice.

For girls with little chest |Halter bikini

The easiest way to add curves to a smaller business line is with padding and printing. Try a bustier bikini or halter style with removable padding to create volume and neckline. Ruffles, waves, gathers, stripes and large prints that will make the illusion of a larger size. Avoid the strapless that will flatten your bust even more.

*Apply the same rules if you choose to choose a swimsuit. Look for suits with exaggerated ruffles or drapes with halter neckline to enhance.

For pear-shaped bodies |Swimsuit with neckline

You have to balance your curves with the bust. If you choose a two-piece set, the easiest way to balance is through the color block. The darker shades at the bottom and stripes, tops or prints at the top. Create the illusion that your hips are narrower and the bust greater.

*For swimsuits choose square necklines or very pronounced V to emphasize it and exaggerate the width of the shoulders that will be wider and visually balanced shoulders and hips. Do not forget the swimsuits with fashionable phrases.

For thin shapes |Bikini with ruffles

The key is to add your little figure, for it uses prints, polka dots, stripes and ruffles, you know that bardot or flamenkini bikinis are fashionable, that make even the smallest butt looks bigger. Opt for a bikini with wide straps and a medium or Brazilian panty, more cache show bigger and rounder your butt will look like. If you prefer a single piece, try one with wide lines crossing the stomach or a multicolored style or digital print that will create the illusion of curves. The high cut swimsuits are ideal for styling the figure.

For those who have a lot of chest | Wide strapless bikini

The goal here is to get the chest well and shape the bust. The solution? Whether it’s a swimsuit or a one-piece pull from a molded fabric puller that reinforces and provides the right support, both inside and outside the water. Look for styles with wide bands and well-armed bras and avoid styles with thin strips that only have to see your chest look bigger. The key is a good shape on the neckline with the halter type or braces. Avoid polka dot prints and horizontal stripes that add depth.


For curvy girls | Swimsuit with curves.

The function of our swimsuit will be shaped at the waist, therefore, it is better to choose a swimsuit in black or navy blue with front, back and side panels that gird the waist from all angles.

Another great belly minimizer? The gathers, pleats or draping on the front of the swimsuit. Avoid leg swimsuits and low styles that visually reduces the chest making it look longer and wider. Thin side straps or swimsuits that emphasize the legs create the illusion of a smaller waist.

To find the perfect Swimwear  is one of the most colourful, fun ways to spend a seasonal shopping day.

Finally, for helping you to navigate the new-ins, we’ve rounded up all the key trends to look out for this season . Here’s what everyone is obsessing over this summer.

  • Crinkle Fabric
  • Neon
  • Knotted
  • Animal Print
  • Polka-dot

And you already have yours for this summer? Visit our stores and find the best swimwear for this season.



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