Perseids in Tenerife. The best summer meteor shower

Perseids, are a high-activity meteor shower that runs between July 17 and August 24.

The rain of the Perseids is one of the most popular and observed in the Northern Hemisphere because it takes place in August, the quintessential holiday month. Its maximum falls this year between August 11 and 12.

The Perseids are also known in Spain with the name of Tears of San Lorenzo because August 10 is the day of this saint. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Perseids took place the night he was remembered, in such a way that they were associated with the tears that the saint poured when he was burned at the stake.

Ideal places to see the Perseids in Tenerife

To be able to contemplate this phenomenon it is essential that there is little light pollution, so a clear place is required (in the mountains or in the field) so that they can be seen with the naked eye, without the need for a telescope.

As is well known to all, the Canary Islands, due to the quality of their skies, is an ideal place to see them due to their excellent conditions for stargazing.

Nodoubtly, The Teide National Park is the perfect place to live the experience. But into te island there are other suitable points to see the Perseids in Tenerife with the naked eye

The island offers a series of ideal places to see them in the best way and with the naked eye, as:

• Surroundings of the Parador (Teide National Park)

• Masca Viewpoint (Teno Rural Park)

• Ucanca Valley (Teide National Park)

• Mirador del Palmar (Teno Rural Park)

As advised from the Tenerife Tourism website:

  • The first tip for successful stargazing is to choose a spot that is far away from any significant sources of light. That means avoiding cities and the moon, particularly when it is full.
  • It is a good idea to keep away from roads, and if you plan on taking a torch, place a red adhesive band over it so it sheds just enough light to read your star chart. The reason for all this is that it takes the human eye 15 to 30 minutes to grow accustomed to the darkness. Any bright light such as a torch or headlights would interfere with the adjustment process. Even once the source of light has gone, you will have to wait another 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust completely.
  • Watching the sky also requires space, so the best thing is to choose an open expanse with the widest possible field of vision.

From The Corner Adeje we hope you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with the Perseids in Tenerife. And don’t forget to make a wish with each shooting star that you see furrowing the sky .



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