What to buy on fashion winter sales 2019

Something curious happens to us in the sales. Take a time to think and rethink your wardrobe and the pieces you loved the last season and we continue wishing. It is easy to get carried away in the end-of-season sales, as labels that are usually out of reach drop into your price range.

It is time to make smart investments – think about what’s coming next season.

A good idea is to avoid the wacky and the “impossibles” in favour of some of the investment pieces that will see you comfortably and stylishly through spring.

We devised this handy guide detailing the most opportune times to buy trendy items. Not only will it make you feel like a delightfully savvy shopper, but you’ll save a lot too.

So…What are the trends that have triumphed in recent months and will end up being the kings of spring-summer 2019?

Are here:

Beige | One of the stand-out trends for spring/summer 2019 is beige. Look for garments in oatmeal, biscuit, blush and off-white shades tones.

More Animal Print | The trend will continue well into 2019. If you find something with tiger stripes, georgeous!

A mini dress | If you find a 80´s floral print, better! But still in style the classic Little Black dress. Always usefull and essential in our every day.

Cargo pants, or men’s cut | High waist, wide in the leg and narrow in the ankle. Perfect for any style.

The cardigan | Of rustic style in thick point, light and delicate or extragrandes and masculine. Forget about the coat and wrap yourself in the most ‘cozy’ garment.

Practice the ‘athleisure’ | Now, what is cool is to combine garments like cyclist tights, with clothing like a good blazer.

Something in “Living Coral” | That is the Color of the year

..of course!| Shop Basic items including shirts, socks, underwear, and loungewear.

That is the best moment!



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