Swimsuits are all the rage this season

Beaches and swimming pools will be flooded with fashion this summer thanks to the classic swimsuit, now the latest trend. This season’s swim tendencies are showing that, in 2017, this single piece item is the clear winner over the bikini. Though, as in all things in life, it’s a question of style and personal taste.

All the magazines and window shops are already displaying beachwear. In the article “Summer 2017 bikini and swimsuits upcoming trends” published by Telva magazine, we can find an impressive gallery with the latest tendencies. We wanted to bring your attention to some highly suggestive keys:

  • LONG LIVE RETRO | Whether it’s navy or Vichy style, which is the main pattern this summer season, this year, the winning bikini or swimsuit must have a clear retro touch.
  • RUFFLES | On the waistline, around the neck, on the back. With uneven straps or with bardot neckline. This year, ruffles are going to be breathing a lot of life and joy to the long hours under the sun and to the summer afternoons..
  • WHITE OR NUDE | Neutral tones add light and warmth. They really look good on you and, the best part: they go very well with any style. So, in order to get it right with a basic item that now  looks like a must have, it is a good idea to invest in an item in white or to chose within the beige or tanned tones.
  • MINIMALISM | This year, you will see many proposals of very simple and minimalist swimsuits. Mostly highlighting those in just a plain color and with a high-leg cut. An 80s revival which has become trendy again.
  • MAXI NECKLINE | We are talking either about very low front necklines or swimsuits with infinite backs. Deep cuts and strategically crossed ribbons are trendy (and very hot) this summer.


Other styles we have been seen in past seasons remain in 2017. Details, fabric and textures which are still riding high and you still see them in display along beaches this summer:

  • Zips, on strategic necklines or indiscreet cuts. A complement we have seen, mostly, on the most sportive designs.
  • Psychedelic prints, in which geometry, color and contrast create visually striking prints which will not go unnoticed.
  • Crochet, in the most romantic swimwear of the season. “Crocheted” style and items with a “handmade” touch are still trendy.

We encourage you to come and visit The Corner and you will discover the swimwear proposals from our brands. We are convinced that you will find the style you are looking for. Then, you will only have to enjoy some wonderful days in Costa Adeje. A sun and beach destiny which is amazing, perfect to show off your new swimsuit (or bikini).

See you there!



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