Autumn in Tenerife

Autumn has arrived on the island. Many people become melancholic at this time of the year. After a hot summer and plenty of days enjoying the holidays, the prospect of the rainy season and a drop in temperatures doesn’t sound good at all. Do you want to hear the good news? Here in Tenerife autumn is different.


Lots of people prefer to go on holiday to the island at this time of the year. And here are a few very good reasons why:

  • The weather is the same or even better than it is in the summer. In Tenerife, the island of eternal spring, we enjoy temperatures of around 25ºC in the warmest months. It is still sunny and hot, but the air is cooler thanks to the sea breeze and the trade winds.
  • If you like the beach now is the time to make the most of the spring tides. This always occurs two days after the full moon and the new moon. However, although it is a common phenomenon, in September the high tides are higher than average and, therefore, low tides are also lower than in the rest of the year, so you can discover the coastline of the island, and in particular, the incredible natural pools that are uncovered for a few hours.
  • This is the time of mushrooms and chestnuts. Giving yourself a little culinary treat is always a good idea. And this season’s products are perfect ingredients for wonderful dishes.
  • It is also harvest time. In Tenerife this takes place anywhere between August, September and October, depending on the ripeness of the grapes. The weather and geology here favour the unique qualities of the grapes that are used to produce a wide variety of sophisticated wines.
  • The sunsets are wonderful in autumn. Any natural spot on the island is perfect to enjoy them. We love to see how the day ends from Playa del Duque, where we are located. Imagine being on the sand watching the sunset on the horizon of Costa Adeje. The warm autumn nights that follow deserve an extra post all to themselves… We’ll discuss them very soon.

Meanwhile, we would just like to welcome in the new season and tell you that we are delighted that you continue to enjoy Tenerife through the eyes of The Corner Adeje.



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