Autumnal asthenia: Keys to fight it

You suffer from mood swings, you feel sadder, you have trouble sleeping … You may be suffering from what is known as autumnal asthenia .

After a summer full of activities, fun, free time … It is time to return to work and the normal responsibilities of each day. In addition, with the arrival of autumn, the change in climate is drastic and this causes a direct effect on our body and its functioning.

With the arrival of autumn.

When the temperatures drop , the hours of sunlight are reduced and we resume the activities after the summer holidays our organism can begin to  suffer certain alterations.

For several days or even weeks, until our body acclimates to the new conditions and begins to regulate can appear a series of symptoms known as authenal asthenia. It occurs frequently in people who live in areas where the winters are short, and especially in women.

Sensation of general depression, tiredness, headache and difficulty concentrating. In general, symptoms of asthenia begin to appear in the first months of autumn and may last until the end of winter.

How to deal with autumnal asthenia

The best weapon against asthenia is to recover healthy habits .Some basic tips to start:

Sleept at least 8 hours a day.

– Light and regular physical activity . It is advisable to do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day. It will help us to relax.

Reduce the consumption of stimulants that can excite us more than the recommended one, such as coffee or tea.

Hydrate correctly.

– Try to spend as much time as possible outdoors , even on cloudy days. The effect of natural light is very important for our mental health.

– A balanced and varied diet that helps us correct possible nutritional deficiencies. It is important to increase the intake of fiber, vitamins and proteins.


But above all, the most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude and prepare for an autumn that is full of many surprises and good times.



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