“Las Tablas” a good alternative to snacking

Whether served as starters, snacks or as part of a tapas feast, the “tablas”, Iberian Delicatessen cold cuts, make tasty and unique appetisers, or are the best opening to a very typical spanish meal.

The “Tablas”  are a simple, but delicious appetizer or tapa that everyone enjoys. It involves very little or no cooking, and you can put it together at the last minute. Although you could simply set out a basket of bread and a platter ofManchego cheese, jamón Serrano and Spanish chorizo, you would probably see it disappear almost instantly. Serving the tapa prepared on individual baguette slices makes it last longer!


IBERICO HAM | Jamón ibérico and its related products are truly an experience not to be missed. The story of Jamón Ibérico ham is steeped in mystery and romance. The ancient oak pastures of Spain, the noble black Ibérico pig, the mountain air which caresses each ham as it magically is transformed into one of the world’s most exquisite foods – all play a part in this uniquely Spanish phenomenon. Without each ingredient the recipe is disturbed. Greatness can only be achieved with patience, skill and adherence to traditional methods.

CHEESE | A wide variety of cheeses are made throughout the country of Spain. Some of the Spanish cheeses are internationally renowned, such as the Manchego cheese of La Mancha. Some regions are better known for their cheeses than others; 23 cheeses are classified as Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.—Denominación de Origen Protegida) by Spain and the European Union. Many of the cheeses are manufactured from single types of milk (cow, goat or sheep), but a few are mixtures of different milks, and the milk may be raw, pasteurized or creamy. The cheeses are made in a wide variety of styles including fresh, cured, semi-cured and pressed paste, and some are inoculated with mold to make blue varieties.

OLIVE OIL | Smooth, Vibrant, Bold. Just like a fine wine, the varietal, climate and region determine an olive oil’s taste. From the southern olive groves of Andalucía to the northern region of Catalonia, Spain, the number one producer of olive oil, offers the largest variety of unique oils that are as distinctive and diverse as nature itself. They will heighten the flavor of your meals.

And don´t forget the last one! Lots of good slices of bread!








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