All you need to know about Mother’s Day

At the begining of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, a special day for all of us. To better understand this celebration, we suggest you go back to its origins to discover its history.

The first cults in the direction of mothers would go back to ancient Greece. In the spring, Rhea, female titan, daughter of Gaia (Earth), of Ouranos (Heaven) and mother of Zeus and Poseidon, was honored. A tradition that continues in Roman times, where Rhea becomes Cybele. The Hilaria celebrations were held on March 25, and the festivities included processions and amusements. On March 1st, the “matronalia”, wives and model mothers of the Roman Empire, were also celebrated: these gentlemen owed them money and gifts. The women then went to the temple of Juno to deposit offerings.

These festivities, however, do not have a direct link with Mother’s Day as we know it today, but set a precedent in history.

In the fifteenth century, the English began celebrating Mother’s Day. In 1908, the United States developed the modern Day of the Mother holiday, created in memory of the mother of Professor Anna Jarvis. The United Kingdom began to adopt this holiday in 1914 and Germany formalized it in 1923. Other countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Australia now follow this tradition.


In most countries, Mother’s Day has different meanings, is associated with different events (religious, historical or legendary), and is celebrated on different dates.

In Spain we conmemorate it the firts sunday of May.


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