The Taste of Christmas in Tenerife

Besides the delicious Papas con Mojo (potatoes with spicy sauce) that are so typical in Tenerife, there are plenty of other mouth-watering dishes that are authentic delicacies at Christmas gatherings with friends and family. Our warm weather and our traditions are all the more reason to savour dishes that have a lot of personality. If you have not tried them yet, we strongly recommend you do so now seeing as the seasonal gastronomic feasts and celebrations are in full swing.

FOR A TRIUMPHANT ENTRY | Traditionally the typical Canarian products have always been the protagonists in our festivities. For starters, apart from the Iberian ham, which is a national delicacy, it is also usual to serve platters of pata asada (grilled pork leg) along with the tastiest cheeses of our land. If you want to discover a little more about the cheese tradition on the island, read this article: “Cheeses, a traditional ingredient in the gastronomy of Tenerife“.

THE KINGS OF BANQUETS | In Tenerife it is a tradition to serve Cherne as a main course, which is a delicious local fish. Cod with onions is another good choice. For those who prefer meat as a main course, kid, black pork and marinated rabbit play a special role in our Christmas meals.

ALWAYS SWEET ENDINGS | The desserts of the Canarian gastronomy are delightful. During the festivities, truchas is always popular. This is a dessert made with flour, sweet potatoes, sugar, almonds and lemon as the main ingredients. There are also homemade turrones (nougat), almond cheese, wine mantecados (made from flour, almonds and lard), alfajores (caramel sandwich biscuit), almond buns and rosquetes (honey-dipped fritters).

Would you like to know more about the Spanish gastronomic traditions at Christmas? Read the article “Christmas around the table” on Spain’s official tourism website.

The Corner Adeje wishes you a very merry Christmas and hopes you enjoy the best company with the best flavours of this time of the year!



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