The 3 secrets of a good pizza

The restaurant Trattoria Portofino, which is located in our Shopping Center The Corner in Adeje, specializes in preparing mouth-watering meals inspired by the most traditional Italian recipes and there is one thing we are real experts at making: PIZZA! Today we are going to tell you the secret of how we get this delicacy to be our star product, one that always leaves a good taste in your mouth.


The pizza is a meal that has gradually evolved and established itself ever since Roman times, when round bread used to be baked and then cut up into triangles, just as we do nowadays with modern portions. It became the delicious product as we know it today in the seventeenth century in the city of Naples, when the first documented references were made about the origins of a type of pie with tomato. Cheese was being added to it by 1889.

The word Pizza, which comes from the word “pizzo” from the twelfth century and means “small and fresh round bread” is now used all over the world and it covers a thousand and one creations and combinations with different ingredients. We follow the traditions and we base our menu on the purest Italian style creations. Here are the three secrets that make our pizzas truly remarkable:

  • WE KNEAD THE DOUGH THE TRADITIONAL WAY. Just as it should be, by hand, so that the dough becomes smooth, soft and elastic; ready to take on its distinct round shape.
  • ITALIAN INGREDIENTS. We make sure that your pizza ingredients are fresh and natural and also 100% Italian origin; from the flour, the sauces, the mozzarella to the olives, everything seems to say “mamma mia”.
  • BAKED IN A STONE OVEN. Our pizzas have a thin and crispy base. They are baked to perfection in the stone oven of our Trattoria, to give them an unmistakable tasty “homemade” touch.

You have to come here! We are open from twelve o’clock  until half past ten in the evening. Take away service for all products is available. The bill can be charged up to your room if you are staying at the Hotel Gran Tacande and you get 2 hours parking free in our parking area when you spend 10€ or more. We are waiting for you at The Corner Adeje! Bon Appetit!



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