The word “Tiramisu” comes from the Veneto dialect “tiramesú” or “te tira su”, and its meaning could be translated as something like “pick me up”, as in “cheer me up” or “lift me up”, due to the high energy content that its ingredients have: eggs, sugar, together with the caffeine from an espresso coffee.

There are numerous stories about the origin of Tiramisu. Some place it  in the North of Italy, others in Tuscany. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt that the great impact of this Italian cuisine recipe has a lot to do with the wonderful combination of coffee, biscuits, zabaglione-style cream, chocolate and, afterwards, to mascarpone cheese, which was added later to the recipe to increase its creaminess.

In Italian cuisine, this dessert is reserved for special occasions. And, like all its dishes, it is made following one rule: to create intense flavours, full of tradition, that provide pleasure and good moments around a table.


Tiramisu is an elegant and sumptuous dessert, made in layers. In our Trattoria Portofino, in Costa Adeje, it has become an essential classic. It is made with love and care, soaking the Savoiardi-type biscuits in strong coffee. Then, they add a layer of mascarpone cheese and a layer of zabaglione, giving it a silky and well contrasted texture. To finish it off, a fine layer of cocoa powder, a key component for its visual appeal and flavour.

Amongst the most popular Italian desserts, tiramisu is, without a doubt, the number one and  the favourite of many of the people who visit The Corner Shopping Centre.

What are you waiting for? Come and taste it. See you there.