Winter holidays | Switch up your sport routine.

Winter holidays can throw a lot of things in your life out of their routine, including your diet and training program.
For all those are enjoying a few vacation days, or are looking for motivation to kept fit during the last coldest weeks of the winter season, remember that exercise in Tenerife can actually help clear your winter blues.

In Tenerife South, you can practice your favorite sport the 365 days at 22ºC.

But, you’re on vacation! Taking a break from your regular routine is the whole point. You’ve got a lot of places to go and things to see. Fitting in an hour-long training session might not be on your daily plans. But do not worry, here you will find time to do everything.

So, how can you balance staying in shape, while also thoroughly enjoying your winter vacation?
It is time to be creative and enjoy the better way to get to be fitter and healthier you come spring. Here are some tips to stay motivated and keep the body you love during the last weeks of winter season.

Map out a new routine before the start of the new season and find a ways to stay active on holidays.

•If you’re a person who loves to exercise outdoors, use the winter holidays to try something new and change up your own workout plan.
•You should to maintain a little activity while on vacation, primarily to keep your metabolism up.
•Trainners recommends doing short routines, but intense, like walk or swim every day.
•The exercising will not only increase your energy level, but you’ll sleep better, which is always a plus.
•Make it a point to get outside and get some sun. The sunshine and daylight will provide a boost in energy, and the vitamin D from the sun will help regulate the immune system. Just make sure to put on sunscreen!
•Keep a small food journal. In winter, the tendency is to eat more calories. And if you’re on vacation, committing excesses is even easier.
• Buy new training equipment. New clothes or change of sneakers can often be a great incentive to exercise. Visit our stores and discover the proposals of your favorite sports brands.
•There are other workouts routines you can do while on vacation. Use your imagination.
If you’re at the beach, do sand sprint intervals and play with the beach paddle.

Just stay generally active! Swim, walk or bike. Doing so will not only be good for your body, but is the best way to get to know the Costa Adeje area and see its sights, sounds, and atmosphere up close.

Enjoy the experience.


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