3 keys to get a positive effect from your holiday

Last month, in the article “Recharge your batteries this summer in Costa Adeje”, we talked about the importance of spending a good holiday in the chosen destination. The expectations are high when we talk about enjoying a few days off, so today we would like to give away a few keys to get them to be really positive and unforgettable.

After a seemingly never-ending winter, enjoying sunny skies and an increase of temperatures make the days much more pleasant. Summertime is adored by many and chosen by a high percentage of people to enjoy their holiday period.

The particularities of the summer months also provide some very important benefits for our health and wellbeing. The light from the sun helps regulate nearly all our body processes, and it also acts as a psychological incentive to improve our lifestyle.

Quite often, it can be difficult to keep stress away and traveling can even put a strain on us. But, now more than ever, it’s critical to give our mind and body that deserved rest, making sure that its effects are really positive. To achieve this, we can follow the easy guidelines recommended in the interesting article “Why your brain needs a vacation”:

  1. Explore new things.

    It’s not just about relaxing at home but about exploring the world and discovering new things. When we get out of our familiar environments we manage to take on new perspectives because we put some distance between ourselves and our problems, which allows us to think more clearly, as if we were an external observer. The aim is to explore and to break away from the routine, opening up to new experiences which will broaden your comfort zone.

  2. Assume a mindful mindset.

    To really make the most of your holiday, it is vital to learn to disconnect from the troubles that we leave behind and be willing to live the present fully, take on a mindful mindset, a concept that comes from Buddhism which involves focusing on the here and now. If you’re one of those people who finds it difficult to disconnect from work and home problems, you should pick a healthy destination, where nature prevails and where relax is guaranteed.

  3. Don’t judge.

    Immersing ourselves in a different culture is very beneficial, but only if we do it without value judgements, willing to not criticise and to absorb everything that happens around us. In fact, it’s been noticed that people who spend more time abroad are also more creative and they develop a more flexible way of thinking. However, the truth is that it’s not about the length of the holiday but about the desire to understand the local reality and the willingness to take on perspectives that are different to our own..

Shall we try it?





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