February, time to enjoy a mild winter in Tenerife

Maybe you are wondering: Is February nice time to visit Tenerife? There are multiple afirmative answers to that question. In fact, any month is a great time to visit the biggest island of Canary Islands…but specially in winter.

When you get to Tenerife, you will discover a place where spring never ends.

You’ll always be able to find nice warm weather in Tenerife. Due to, in terms of temperature, the Canary Islands experience a subtropical climate which means that temperatures and mild and stable throughout the year within the range 18 – 24 °C. Temperatures here don’t vary as drastically from season to season as they do in the continental Spain, Europe, etc.


Winters in the Canaries are mild, Tenerife for example still sees average maximum temperatures of 21 ° C in January and February despite being the coldest month.

 Tenerife’s climate is renowned for its mild summers and relatively warm winters

In winter Atlantic depressions can cause infrequent stormy periods with disturbed weather and higher rainfall. Winter rainfall varies between islands and is higher in the northern parts of the archipelago which are more exposed to the northeast trade winds. While the weather in February in Tenerife usually offers the same temperatures as January across the region, the chance of rain can get a little heavier at this time of the year.  However, as with all the rain in the island, it is likely that the heaviest rainfall will occur in the north.

If you need more information, check local websites to make sure the weather’s still good. That´s an interesting site: webtenerife

Looking for your best winter vacation ever? Head to the south of the island. In Costa Adeje you could finf all kinds of sand and beach activities to choose from. In the South the beaches are generally hot, but remember that you will need a jacket and some warm clothes weather some spots and short-sleeve in others.

Need more reasons to toss some bikinis into a bag and take off on a winter vacation? We’ve got ’em: visit The Corner Adeje and enjoy a great Shopping & Leisure experience.

Happy February!

Fuente | https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/holiday-weather/europe/canary-islands
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash



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